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Road bridge across the Vistula, Solidarity Bridge, Plock, Poland, 1998-1999.
Visla Plock

Province Directorate for Roads, Warsaw.
General Contractor:
ZBM Inwestor Zastepszy Sp. z.o.o.
Mosty Plock A.A.
Budoplan, Plock.
Structure bridge design:
DEL ING d.o.o., Belgrade,
(ex Delfin Inženjering d.o.o.).
Design check (revision):
Prof. Henryk Czudek,Warsaw.


Bridge is located in city of Plock, on the river Vistula, 100 km west of the Warsaw. Existing bridges didn't satisfy with their possibilities due to larger traffic flow. In 1997 an international competition for the design solution for the new bridge was opened. On that competition this design team won the first prize. The bridge in Plock consists of the bridge over the river and approach bridge. Bridge over the river is a cable stayed bridge, steel structure with orthotropic plate, 60+60+375+60+60 m spans, two pylons and seven levels of stays in one plain. Approach bridges are two continuous cantilever beams, composite structures, spans of 2 x (5 x 58,50 m). Concrete piers are founded on bored piles. Total width of the bridge is 27,50 m . Specificity of the design were great traffic loads – accommodated to the needs of military convoys with two vehicles with 4x200 = 800 kN. The Bridge has been checked also in case of replacement of complete pairs of the stays i.e. for 28 different structural systems. The bridge has the longest span of steel bridge which has ever been designed by one team from Serbia and the longest span in Poland.

Visla Plock

Authors of the structure:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Nikola Hajdin,
Dr. Ing. Bratislav Stipanić
Bridge structure designers:
Dipl.Ing. Aleksandar Bojović,
Prof. Dr. Ing. Šerif Dunica
Pear and foundation designer:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Miloš Lazović.

Design team – Hajdin, Stipanić, Bojović, Dunica, Lazović, Aleksić received an award in 2008 from the Society of the civil engineers of Serbia for construction achievement from 2006 to 2007.


Preliminary Design;
Detailed design:Technical Report, Structural Analysis, Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimate, Drawings of the Bridge structure – disposition and detailed drawings;
Tender Documents: Technical specification, Bill of Quantities, Drawings. Bridge Structure design has been done according to the Polish, German and European standards, in Polish language .

Visla Plock

Material quantities for the bridge over the river:     Preliminary Design: 1998.
structural steel: 8070 t   Detailed design: 1999.
secondary structure steel: 600 t   Construction: 2002-2006.
cable stays: 680 t   Opening for traffic: 2007.
Material quantities for the approach bridges:        
structural steel: 3460 t      
secondary structure steel: 480 t      


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