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Rehabilitation of the road bridge across the Sava, Gazelle Bridge, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006-2007.

Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia, Belgrade.
General Designer:
Mostprojekt a.d., Belgrade.
Subcontractor for steel bridge structures:
DEL ING d.o.o., Belgrade,
(ex Delfin Inženjering d.o.o.)
Design check (revision):
Faculty of civil engineering, University of Belgrade


Steel structures of Gazelle bridge are the central part of the bridge complex: bridge over the Sava River and two approach bridges. Gazelle Bridge was designed from 1962 to 1966 and built from 1966 to 1970. During its exploitation it was poorly maintained and due to various damages, load changes and changes in design standards a rehabilitation design was required .

The Bridge structure over the river is a frame system of the two hinge battered columns, total length of 332 m and main span of 250 m. Approach bridges are based on a system of simple supported beams, length of 2 x 70 m and span of 69 m. Bridge girder is consist of two box section girder connected with orthotropic plate. The Bridge has 2x3 road lanes and 2 footpaths. The overall width of the bridge is 28 m.

Rehabilitation design has been done in two phases: Bearing capacity and serviceability check in the current situation and according to the results from a previous check, the design of necessary measures for rehabilitation. Structural analyses in current situation shows numerous excesses: permanent load is larger that it should be according to 1960-design, comparison stresses of girders are exceeded, total stresses in elements of the orthotropic plate are exceeded, buckling stability is not satisfying. The rehabilitation design provides numerous methods of reinforcements of load-bearing structure, structure reparation, new secondary structures, a new corrosion protection.


Responsible designer for bridge steel structure rehabilitation:
Dipl.Ing. Aleksandar Bojović,
Dipl.Ing. Novak Velović.
Design check for the Bridge steel structure:
Prof. Dr. Ing. Dragan Buđevac.
Prof. Dr. Ing. Zlatko Marković.
Mr. Ing. Boris Gligić.


Detailed Design and Workshop documentation: Technical report, Structural analysis in the condition before and after rehabilitation, Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimate, Drawings for the steel structure – load bearing and secondary structures;
Tender Documents: Technical specifications, Bill of Quantities, Drawings. Design for the Bridge steel structure rehabilitation is done according to the Serbian and German standards for the road bridges, in Serbian and English language.


Material quantities and % related to existing:     Detailed design: 2006-2007.
structural stee for the bridge over the river : 1040t (+21%)   Tender: 2008.
structural steel for the approach bridges: 570t (+47%)   Construction: 2010-2011.
new secondary structure steel: 440 t      


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