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  • Participation on the International scientific- professional symposium "Researches, projects and realizations in construction engineering" held in IMS Institute in Belgrade, 28-29.10.2010. In Symposium proceedings, within the opening statements published an article: Bojović,A., Njagulj,V.: Preliminary design of the Railway-road bridge across the Danube River in Novi Sad.
  • Participation on the 7th International Conference on Bridges across the Danube 2010, Sofia 14-15.10.2010. In conference proceedings published an article: Petrangeli,M.P., Bojović,A.,Njagulj,V.: New Railway Road Bridge across the Danube River in Novi Sad, Preliminary Design.


  • Participation on the 13th symposium of the Serbian Association of Structural Engineers, (DGKS), which was held in the period 22-24 September 2010, in the mountain resort Zlatibor.
    Professor  Šerif Dunica, Branislav Životić and Aleksandar Bojović received an Award for the best construction achievement from 2008 to 2010 – for the design of the structure of the new Avala Tower.
    You can download the article and the presentation of the awarded designs.
    Within the opening statements an article published about Preliminary design of the Railway-road bridge across the Danube River in Novi Sad, prepared by Aleksandr Bojović and Vukan Njagulj
    You can download the article and the presentation.
    Aleksandar Bojovic is elected to the Presidency of DGKS and as Vice-President of DGKS. The new president of DGKS is Prof. Milos Lazovic.
  • Renaming the company's name, starting from 2010-09-10.The new name is DEL ING d.o.o., a company for designing, engineering and consulting.
  • 2010-09-06 A ceremonial opening of the Bridge across the Sava River, near Sremska Raca.


  • An article published on the Railway-Road bridge across the Danube River in Novi Sad in the Italian journal Strade&Autostrade 4-2010
    Mario P. Petrangeli, Aleksandar Bojovic, Enrico Maglia:
    La ricontstruzione del ponte Zezelj sul Danubio.
    (The reconstruction of the Zezelj Bridge over the Danube)

    Strade&Autostrade No 82 – anno XIV, No 4 (luglio/agosto 2010), p. 86-89.
  • An article published on the steel structures rehabilitation of the bridge Gazela, in the journal "Izgradnja"
    Bojović,A., Velović,N.:
    (Rehabilitation of the Gazelle Bridge in Belgrade. The designed rehabilitation of the steel bridge structures
    Journal "Izgradnja", broj 7-8/2010, str. 461-481.


  • Branislav Životić (Institute of Transportation CIP doo, Belgrade), Aleksandar Bojovic (Delfin Engineering Ltd, Belgrade) participated both in the presentation and article on the new Avala Tower on the Conference of modern construction practice 2010 ( - News for May 2010.)
    Životić,B., Dunica,Š., Bojović,A.,:
    (Restoration project of Avala Tower
    Conference Modern construction practices 2010th Conference proceedings, pp. 7-17.
    Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad.
    Civil Engineers Society of Novi Sad.
    Andrevlje, 13 and 14 May 2010.



  • Aleksandar Bojovic (Delfin Engineering Ltd, Belgrade), Nenad Jakovljevic (Mostprojekt ad, Belgrade) participated in the presentation - by presentation of the rehabilitation project on bridge Gazela in the Seminar of the Society for the integrity and structure duration (DIVK) - The integrity and duration of bridges - case Gazela. PPT-presentation can be found at