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Railway Road Bridge across the Danube, Novi Sad, Serbia, 2008-2009.
Railway Road Bridge

Client for Design:
Delegation of European Commission.
Italferr s.p.a, Rome, Italy.
IRD Engineering SrI, Rome, Italy.
Local partner:
Institute IIPP d.o.o., Belgrade.
Subcontractor for bridge structure design:
DEL ING d.o.o., Belgrade,
(ex Delfin Inženjering d.o.o.).
Designer according to the low of Republic of Serbia:
Institute of transportation CIP d.o.o., Belgrade.


Bridge is designed according to the Terms of Reference of Serbian Railways, Urban conditions of Municipality of Novi Sad and other technical conditions of different relevant Institutions. The Bridge in question is railway road bridge (2 tracks + 2 road lanes) + 2 pedestrian – bicycle paths. Bridge system is arch with tie, (arch is required by urban regulation). Material of the main supporting system is steel type S355. Carriageway structure is composite concrete – steel, concrete class C40/50. The Bridge is located at the same old bridge location ("Žeželj Bridge"), which was destroyed during the 1999 NATO bombing. Foundation plate of the central pier and one support on the right river bank as foundation plate are the only elements used from a old bridge structure. New bridge is a completely new structure, different from the old one in all features. The Bridge is the biggest arch railway bridge in the Republic of Serbia, and the bridge with the largest, permanent and traffic loads in the Republic of Serbia. Generally the first bridge in the Republic of Serbia designed according to the European standards.

Railway Road Bridge

Team leader:
Prof. Mario Paolo Petrangeli.
Responsible bridge
structure designer:

Dipl.Ing. Aleksandar Bojović,

Dipl.Ing. Dejan Srejić, Dipl.Ing. Slobodan Jaćović, Dipl.Ing. Uroš Kostić, Dipl.Ing. Kristijan Koložvari.
Responsible pear and
foundation designer:

Dipl. Ing. Vukan Njagulj.


Conceptual Design of Bridge structure;
Preliminary Design – with extended content: Technical Report, Structural analysis, Bill of Quantities, Cost Estimate, Drawings, Bridge erection method;
Tender Documents: Technical specifications, Bill of Quantities, Drawings. Bridge Structure design has been done according to the current European and German standards for railway bridges, on Serbian and English language.

Railway Road Bridge

General characteristics:        
spans: 27+177(+3)+219+48 m      
arch heights: 34,0 i 42,0 m      
bridge width between the outer edges: 31,600 m      
axes distance of the ties: 23,500 m      
Material quantities for the bridge structure:     Preliminary design, tender Documents: 2009.
structural steel: 11800 t   Tender: 2010.
cable stays of the hangers: 160 t   Construction: 2010-2013.
secondary structure steel: 550 t      
concrete for the carriageway slab: 2800 m3      


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